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No fence system will add beauty, versatility, and worry-free maintenance to your home like an ornamental aluminum or steel fence supplied by AFS, LLC. With so many styles, colors, heights, and grades available, you have a seemingly endless selection to choose from ensuring your new ornamental aluminum or steel fence is everything you are looking for. Whether you want to enclose your above ground or in ground pool with a code compliant barrier, add elegance to your backyard or garden, or create a secure perimeter around a commercial property, you can count on AFS, LLC’s knowledgeable staff to assist you from start to finish.

AFS, LLC prides itself in supplying only the best available materials for all of your ornamental aluminum and ornamental steel fencing needs. We can assist you in deciding what type of ornamental fence will best suit your application and we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all required materials for a complete installation. Simply call us with the footage of your project or send us a sketch including all measurements and gate locations by fax or email. If you can’t decide exactly what you are looking for, we can offer you multiple quotes on different materials so you can make the best decision on your new ornamental aluminum or ornamental steel fencing project.

Most commonly available styles are shown below but are not limited to those shown. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on a manufacturer’s logo to be directed to their website for all available styles from that particular manufacturer.

AFS, LLC offers multiple manufacturers for ornamental aluminum and ornamental steel. If you are working with a job containing written specifications, we will be glad to work with the manufacturer and provide you written specifications and shop drawings when needed. Always remember to check with your local county or township, homeowners’ associations, or other local building codes before beginning your project as their might be specific limitations on height, grade, and color of any fence system. Make sure that all underground lines are properly marked before attempting any fence installation. Please look at our stock Dynasty pool code compliant fencing products and feel free to click on the links below to view different manufacturers and their options.

Residential -73-3/8 inch wide section details

Commercial (70-5/8 inch wide section details)

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