Chain-Link Fence Resources


All chain-link fences contain specific wire and pipe sizes that use fittings to attach the fabric to the posts / rails / etc. It is important to know what sizes of pipe and wire you either have existing or are considering using in your new fence. All fence pipe and tubing is measured by the outside diameter of the pipe and each fitting is closely related to that size. The size of the pipe is important if you are looking for replacement items for your chain-link fence system. The wire of your existing chain-link fence is also important, especially if you are trying to replace an individually damaged section as different sizes will not mesh together to create a seamless look. All chain-link is measured diagonally across the diamond and can consist of different gauges. Listed below is a diagram of most popular fence pipe and tubing dimensional sizes along with a diagram of chain-link size identification.

Shown below is a common residential chain-link fence with appropriate hardware. Please understand that there are many variations of these fittings according to size, color, and materials (All fittings pictures are shown in galvanized and / or aluminum for clarity).


Once again, if you do not see the exact part that you are looking for, chances are we have it in stock. Do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an emailed picture of exactly what you are looking for including applicable dimensions.

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