vinyl fence accessories

vinyl fence accessories for sale in central virginia

AFS, LLC offers a wide variety of hardware for vinyl fence systems including hinges and latches, post caps, and brackets. If you are replacing hardware from a specific application or do not see the item you are looking for, chances are that we either have it in stock or can order it and have it to you in a reasonable time frame. Please indicate dimensional sizes of posts, rails, or pickets when ordering replacement hardware for your vinyl fence system. Other vinyl hardware is located under the “Pool Code” hardware section.

the infinity line

Other accessories are available upon request. AFS, LLC stocks a wide range of additional accessories such as wall mount brackets, picket clips, welded wire clips, post mount systems, gate hardware and glue. Some accessories are available in Tan. Please contact us if there is anything specific you’re looking for.

stock post caps

outside flat cap

french gothic cap

seamless dome cap

flat internal cap

new england cap

federation cap

optional post caps

bridgeport cap

princeton cap

hampton cap

horse head cap

galaxy solar cap

classic copper brushed or polished

classic brushed stainless steel

classic brushed pewter

classic green patina

classic polished brass

grape tiffany stained glass (available in solar)

sunflower tiffany stained glass

picket caps

dog ear cap

pointed cap

narrow pointed cap

pyramid cap

arrowhead cap

boy scout cap

gothic picket cap

gate hardware

brackets and mounts

elegant vinyl arbors for your home

Accent the entrance to your yard with a beautiful Vinyl  arbor, and make the entrance “Grand!”

Contact AFS, LLC today to get a quote on our installing one of our In-Stock Arbors and make your

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